From september 17th to novembre 8th 2020


Welcome to the dangerous Panam City, city of all excess. 
Here, there’s no masked vigilante to protect you. You are alone, with no way out in the face of threat!
For some time now, a new poison has been spreading throughout the city and seeping into you to unleash your worst instincts. 
Who is behind this fatal venom? The residents are terrified. The only clue is an omnipresent signature, “KQ”. 
Do you feel like you are losing bearings? Are you starting to get mad? It looks like the mutation is already taking over and you are the next victim! 


Teaser Halloween



Every October and November, Le Manoir de Paris is taken over by brand new horrific Halloween show! These super productions are limited run, live events that push the limits of fear. Terrifying new story lines, over 100 actors, decor worthy of the scariest horror movie and an original soundtrack designed to give you chills... Halloween isn't limited to October 31st - check our calendar for opening days and hours. 


The Halloween season is Le Manoir de Paris' most popular time of year and wait times can go up to several hours. If standing in line scares you, we suggest avoiding our busiest days (generally October 29th, 30th, 31st and November 1st), and selecting another date/time. The Halloween show remains the same regardless of the day or hour of your visit. 

Feel free to celebrate Halloween by coming in makeup or costume. We will ask that your Halloween mask be removed at your arrival to put your sanitary mask on. Please do not bring any accessories that resemble weapons, are dangerous or could interfere with the show. 

We strongly suggest not bringing children under the age of 12. 



Tickets are available here for the Halloween show. 



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