The stories behind the Legends

The Catacombs of Paris

Les Catacombes

November 3, 1793, Philibert Aspairt enters the quarries below the convent of Val de Grâce and never returns. 11 Years later is body is discovered in the tunnels under street of l'Abbé de l'Epée. His skeleton is only identifiable by the set of keys on his belt.

The Crocodile in the Paris Sewers

March 1984, city workers in the sewers under the Pont Neuf bridge discover a creature hiding in a corner only a few feet away from them. A Nile Crocodile had found it's way into the sewers of Paris, surviving on rats and the trash of the city.

The Phantom of the Opera


Legend has it that a disfigured monster terrorizes Paris' Opera Garnier. Mysterious events began occurring at the end of the 19th century, leading to rumors of haunting. May 20th 1986, a massive chandelier crashed during a production of Faust de Gounod, killing the occupant of seat number 13.

The prisoner in the Iron Mask


November 19, 1703 marks the death of one of the most famed prisoners of French history, the man in the iron mask. Held at the Bastille prison for 34 years, the identity of this prisoner still remains a mystery today.

The Vampires of Paris


While the Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the source of vampire legends, Paris has often been the setting of their stories. Among the most known of these are Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles", recounting the tale of, Lestat de Lioncourt, a noble Frenchman transformed into a vampire in the XVIII century. His famous "Theatre des Vampires" was known to be a hotbed of vampire activity in Paris.

The Paris Metro


Sunday May 16, 1937, 6:30pm. A young woman in a green dress and white hat is found stabbed on line 8 of the Paris metro. Laetitia Toureaux, the only passenger in a first class car collapses as the train pulls into the Porte Dorée station, a knife in the back of her neck... A real life "locked room" mystery, her killer was never found.

Père-Lachaise Cemetary

Père Lachaise cemetery was opened May 21, 1804 on the former property of Father François de La Chaise d'Aix, confessor of King Louis XIV from 1675 until his death. This cemetery is as known for being final resting place for many celebrities, as it is known for it's mysteries. It is rumored that black masses are regularly held within the gates of the cemetery, and that certain tombs give direct access to the catacombs.

The Witch, La Voisin


Renowned poisoner and witch, La Voisin practiced her talents in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. Sulfurous odors, black mass, over 2,500 illegal abortions- all common practice for this witch known for her poisons and potions. La Voisin was often called upon by the Marquise de Montespan, but was then abandonned by Louis XIV. She met her fate burned at the stake in the Place de Grève, February 22, 1680. 


The Barber's Blade

The year 1387 saw a series of disappearances in Paris. Foreign students, never heard from again. These were the victims of a mad barber, slitting their throats and passing along the bodies to a neighboring baker.

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