Ticket Prices

You can book your tickets for the Manoir de Paris on site (during opening hours), or online (which is highly recommended in order to minimize your waiting time).
Allow up to 60 minutes wait time on Fridays and up to 2 hours Saturdays/Sundays/holidays (ticketing not included).

Online tickets or group vouchers must be printed.

Ticket Prices

Manoir de Paris 
1 ticket - 2 shows - 3 floors

Adult (16 yrs +)  29€

Child (10 to 15 yrs) 

Not available for the Halloween show

Fast Pass 37€



Please check the Frequently Asked Questions before you book your ticket.

Group reservation (+15 visitors) : www.cultival.fr

The show isn't suitable for children under 10 yrs. 
The Halloween show isn't suitable for children under 12 yrs.

The show is forbidden to pregnant women, and anyone suffering a heart condition, epilepsy, or poor general health.